No Remorse (Decker’s War Book 6)


Messing with a Marine’s family is always a bad idea, and when that Marine is named Zack Decker, it’s invariably a fatal mistake.



Wanted by their enemies for exposing the Black Sword cabal and faced with the difficult task of rebuilding the Special Operations Division while treason remains rampant, Major Zack Decker and Commander Hera Talyn are stuck in desk jobs.  Until, that is, the Coalition and its minions decide to make things very personal.  Forced back into the role of field operatives, they discover a plot to destabilize an entire sector and bring it under the iron-fisted control of a Commonwealth government eager to abandon democracy in favor of imperial dreams. Racing against time, and soulless foes, they have one chance to prevent a civil war and rescue someone more precious to Zack Decker than any other living thing in the entire universe: the daughter he hasn’t seen for twenty years.  Not even the threat of disgrace and imminent death are enough to deter Decker because, as his foes will find out once again, he’s still one of the Few…

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