Imperial Echoes (Ashes of Empire #4)


Not one but two human civilizations survived the collapse of humanity’s interstellar empire. For centuries, they remained unaware of each other until a twist of fate brought them into contact. But can the vanished empire’s heirs meet in peace?



The collapse of humanity’s first interstellar empire is passing into legend, perhaps even myth, now that the ones who could remember those tumultuous years have merged with the Infinite Void. Tiny Lyonesse, the self-appointed guardian of all human knowledge tucked away in its wormhole cul-de-sac, has spent generations preparing to carry out Jonas Morane’s plan of reuniting humanity.

Unbeknown to citizens of a republic cut off from the rest of the galaxy, four star systems at the former empire’s core also survived to preserve that which existed before the Great Scouring. Yet they took a darker path after witnessing firsthand the empire’s demise in a bloodletting without precedent, which left them fearful about the future of what little remained.

An uncompromising, hidebound military dictatorship, the Wyvern Hegemony is everything Lyonesse avoided becoming. Backed by a State Security Commission that uses the Void Sisters’ abilities to root out the regime’s enemies, its rule is absolute. Yet the Hegemony also harbors ambitions of reuniting humanity under its own banner, though the government has done little to advance its cause.

Neither Lyonesse nor the Hegemony knows about each other. However, thanks to a twist of fate that leads State Security Colonel Crevan Torma and his assigned Void Sister on a voyage of discovery, this will soon change. But can the vanished empire’s heirs meet in peace or will they continue the civil war that almost eradicated humanity across the stars?


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